Create high visibility, thought leadership, and drive more lifetime customer revenue

ReadyForSocial social selling program creates opportunities for connection between sellers and prospects.

...and opportunities transform into revenue...

Instant Value
Enabling sales people - Personal branding, training & development
We automate a curriculum and services for salespeople and users that combines social media enablement, account strategies and tips
Make sales people relevant on social media
Content curation and creation
We provide salespeople with ready-to-use social media content written in their voice. Our content is relevant to the user's online network with a strong value proposition that meets the company's compliancy and social media guidelines
Make it easy for sales people to participate
Content distribution platform & gamification
Our patented Ready For Social content distribution platform is designed with the user's convenience and time in mind. We even have a 'white glove' version for senior executives
Assure sustainability and improvement
Data-driven program management
The Ready For Social program and tools can work for the most resource-strapped marketing team and comes with operational and strategic success management resources including an dedicated Account Manager

Content Library Designed to Engage Custom Audiences

Easily find and schedule to share the content that will make the most impact for you on Social Media

  • Find content by custom business category, key word, source or language
  • Know at a glance how popular each piece of content is with your team and their network
  • Preview, select and share to multiple social networks immediately or add them to a queue and control when they go out in the future
  • Use our writer's social caption as a basis for your original post. Let our writers give you the best article, images and hashtags for the job

Automated Content Release to Keep You Top-of-Feed

Ready For Social selects the optimal time for sharing your post in order to reach your audience. We find the best times for you to share and then slot in your favorite posts

Features like “Front Page News” give the Marketing team control of placing important company announcements in the social media channels of the Sales team and other users. This assures messaging is timely, accurate and on point

Content Curation Workflow

Imagine a Content factory that mines the best content, writes social captions in your voice with your messaging, checks it for defects with a proofreader and editorial specialist and then hands it off to your team for final approval. This is how Ready For Social works.

Our platform allows your approvers to approve or reject content and even tell our team what you didn't like about what we wrote. This allows us to get even better at creating what you want. Every step of the process is secure and auditable for future compliancy reviews.

Go ahead, do some peeking. Want to know how your team compares to your competitors on Social Media channels today? Let us create a free Power Audit for you that shows you on one simple page

Performance Metrics that Help Drive Team and User Engagement

We know user engagement is key to maximizing ROI. With an 80% engagement rate across all active client accounts, we make sure you get what you pay for. We’ve built on-demand reporting at the individual user level and the account level that allows you to see the results for yourself.

Social Media Excellence

Your salespeople need to look great on social media and know what to say and do.

Our program makes your sales team all-stars on LinkedIn and beyond. We blend short, intensive learning with our online tools and software to evaluate and improve your team's profiles, help them grow relevant connections and followers and even post highly personalized and targeted content to attract prospects and buyers.

Program management

Marketing and Sales Enablement automation is only as good as the management of active users and measurement of meaningful KPIs that dove-tail with CRM data.

That’s why we provide professional account management with the Ready For Social program.

We use training, advanced analytics, Sales Enablement API integrations along with emails, calls and surveys to give our clients that personal touch. Our set-it-and-forget-it software provides a daily marketing dashboard aggregating and reporting upon your team’s success on Social Media.

Content for Sharing

90% of B2B salespeople want to share content regularly on LinkedIn, but only 1% find the time even when marketing gives them ideas they can draw from.

Your sales people know what they want to share and it requires giving them an authentic voice so they can really communicate the messaging you want. Our team of business writers follow strategies we build with you that are constantly evolving, keeping everyone in synch with the market and your campaigns.

Content that hits the mark

Buyers use Social Media to find solutions. Yet content creation and posting on Social Media is on the rise. If you want to be heard by your prospects, your content needs to rise above the noise.

Why do some posts go viral while others get no engagement at all? The answer lies in the dynamics and interplay of audience, topic, timing and the author. We use deep analytics and automation to help your team get it right. We examine the above components and our research is captured into a living content strategy that our professional writers use to make you and your team successful on Social Media.

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